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What's New & Exciting! 

The response to Robert's custom portraits was incredible last year!

Robert is working around the clock, painting special works of art for his customers. A painting of a loved pet or special moment in time make an ideal gift.


Many have ordered paintings for this year and are picking up at spring & summer art shows. Please contact us soon if you would like something done for the Christmas Season or later this year.


Robert is working on a huge painting which includes over 100 nature & wildlife subjects.

He plans to have it ready for display by Christmas 2021. He is attempting to capture as many of nature's wonders as he can. Robert has spent countless hours gathering subjects and working and re-working strategies of ways to capture as much of nature's wonders in one painting. as possible. The painting will include many aspects of nature like lightning, Northern Lights, waterfalls, creatures of the sea, big cats from every continent, birds, large animals, small insects and so much more....It will inspire you!

We look forward to inviting you to come see it.

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