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All of the above images are from acrylic paintings by Robert Bishop - Artist.

Acrylic Paintings, Art Lessons, Art Cards, Limited Edition Prints, Dog Prints, Inspirational Paintings

About Robert Bishop's Artwork Wonders

Robert Bishop is a gifted, self-taught artist who has lived in the Windsor, Ontario area all of his life. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Canada at a very early age. Prior to becoming an artist, Robert worked with children as a Child and Youth Worker. He would sit and draw with the children tirelessly. His co-workers and the children encouraged him to pursue an art career. He loves to tell the stories of his first murals painted on the walls of the Children's Center where he worked. He became a full-time artist in 1991, with fond memories of the children telling him that he was a great artist. This venture has been very fulfilling. Even though he is color blind, he is able to find his way to master the vibrant colors he uses in his acrylic paintings. His wife and 3 children have helped him every step of the way. We know that you will see that the children he worked with were right about him being a great artist

His wife Patty helps him navigate through the colors with specialized palettes they create together. They have created hundreds of paintings, and now Robert's work hangs all over the world.  He is an internationally known artist. Robert has an incredible art gallery and studio in his home, where he loves to create new paintings. He also teaches children and adults of all ages. His studio operates by appointment, and he welcomes new students, and loves taking people through the gallery of all the original paintings and prints.

Robert rarely works on one painting at a time. His new works in progress can be seen on his easels. He is especially excited about showing an 8x26 ft painting /commission called "God's Creation" - a painting of creatures great and small from across the globe. Updates on his progress will be coming soon in this website called "What's New and Exciting?"

Robert is a Christian artist who believes God has given him this special gift, and devotes every brush stroke to honoring Him. His dedication to detail allows him to capture the beauty, the spirit, the life force of the subject he is painting. He takes great pleasure in expressing his love for God in each and every painting because he believes the Bishops do the work, but God works the wonders! Hence, the name of his business became Bishops's  Artwork Wonders. Robert and Patty also write inspirational short stories and poems about many of the paintings. This is an ongoing project and meaningful part of their work. 


We welcome the opportunity to earn your confidence and create for you the most inspirational paintings in the industry. 

Acrylic Painting - Colors in Motion in progress

Robert working on abstract water scene

He works large and small on a variety of

different subjects - from impressionism to

extreme realism.

Some shots of our showroom

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