Robert Bishop's Artwork Wonders - Inspirational, true to life paintings!
All of the above images are fr.l8om acrylic paintings by Robert Bishop - Artist.
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Art that tells a story.....A gift that speaks to the heart.......
The i stands for inspirational.  I am excited to take you on a tour of my artwork.  Nature is inspirational and I am dedicated to capturing its beauty and serenity.  My art is an expression of the love I have for nature, but more importantly, an expression of the love I have for the One who made it.  I love to paint the world around me.  My favourite subjects include water scenes, sunsets and sunrises, wildlife, pets and people.  I love to paint anything the light touches.  I paint the things that inspire me, and more importantly, the things that inspire you.  To me, painting, is like creating visual music. My art is like music.  It flows like a song, and is played like an instrument with the stroke of a brush..  Music stirs the soul, and soothes the heart.  I hope my artwork inspires you today!
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